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I am excited to join this gallery in Vancouver.  It’s a beautiful space full of wonderful art right on Main Street.



Pottery Collaboration

What fun and good luck to work with Stephen Mickey of Finn Hill Pottery!  Also check out their Facebook Page. This is our first try at my drawing and Stephen doing all the rest.  I have a lot to learn.  If you are in the area Finn Hill Pottery is having a sale the next two weekends.


Two New Collages

These two collages have large areas of “mosaic” texture, besides the usual inks, colored pencil, and acrylics.  Some mosaics are made of pre-painted paper squares and others are made from a mixture  of clear glue, paint, and acrylic medium.  They both include red dogs. 

Yeah! Art, Learning Curves, and Thank You Ross!

Hurray!  I  have a website and a presence at Fine Arts America.

You can see my images here or at Fine Arts America.   Just click the links on this page or go to and type in my name.

My cards, prints and some originals are available there.

Ross (my youngest son) set it up as a birthday present and has patiently coached me through how to use everything.

His brother Jake tried to help me years ago, but I wasn’t techie enough.

Now that I have learned lots more about websites and blogs, I can get back to finishing the piece pictured above!

Ross Being Patient

Keith Haring


I recently saw the Keith Haring exhibit in Brooklyn, NYC. I was amazed at the thought

he put into the symbols and shapes he uses in his work.  He also felt so strongly that all

art did not belong in galleries.

Here are two Haring quotes: “Nothing is important…so everything is important.”

and “Why should a painter work if he is not transformed by his own painting.”

I am looking forward to lots more time to do art and see how I am transformed now that I will be retired.

Haring inspired me to use a dog symbol and to explore outlines.

Below is a Haring inspired piece “Red Dog”.

Keith HaringThis is Keith Harings’ “Barking Dog”.