I paint patterned and textured surfaces that invite you to lean in for a closer look. My work contains acrylics, ink, collage, enamel paint, and colored pencils. I also work in black and white.

I took art classes in college, majored in sculpture, and have been doing art ever since. My husband and I have three sons and two granddaughters. I recently retired after working as a teacher, children’s librarian, reading specialist, and teacher coach for many years. Now I have lots of time to devote to art.

There are personal images in my art. Birds are the wildlife we see daily. My birds are unpredictable “tricksters” in the style of Native American storytellers. Watchful dogs show us life lived without constantly worrying about the past and future. Fish fly freely outside their usual boundaries.

In dark movie theaters, when the advertisements and trailers end, and before the movie begins, you are instructed to “Enjoy the show”. I hope you follow this advice in life and art.

Lynn Nadal

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton


Night VisionIMG_0694IMG_0690Moonlight WalkNight RunmingleLeafDanceHouseFullOfSkypile of picturesIMG 3IMG 2IMG 1love-in-bloomme-and-my-shadowenjoying-the-elementsriver-into-the-searocks-waterhills-skylooking-back


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