About Testing the Waters

In many Russian fairy tales there is a witch (Baba Yaga) who lives in a house on chicken feet. This is not a witch’s house, but it does have have wings and human feet. The chair inside raptly gazes at the moon while the house tests the water of a swirling pond. In the magical dreamy nature of this picture the wood of the house turns back into a tree. This reflects the many levels on which we live our lives. As we cope with the dailiness of our existence, we also dream and imagine many other possibilties.


I started this piece with a light pencil sketch.  Next I layed in washes of color using inks and acrylics. The final layer was built up with colored pencils. I let swirling shapes show through under the water. As I work I use the white margins of the paper to try out each color and see how it interacts with the rest of the piece. Ink from brushes and technical pens provide the black for the wings, roof, and the dark sky.


This is a giclee (“zhee-clay”) print. First the original art work is scanned digitally at high resolution. This image is printed with archival inks on high quality cotton rag paper. This process results in a long lasting print with high definition and rich, accurate colors.  This matted print fits a standard 18″ by 24″ frame.

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