About Nightwatch…


The characters in this piece are all “on watch” during the night. The title reminds me of Rembrandt’s painting, “Night Watch”, depicting men guarding the city. While the human residents of this house are asleep, the life of the house goes on. The chair, the lamp,and the moon spring to life as distinctions between objects and the natural world are blurred. The interior of the house merges with the outside world as the ceiling turns to sky.  Birds and trees enter the house, and the fish escapes.


I started this piece with a light pencil sketch.  Next I layed in washes of color using inks and acrylics. The final layer was built up with colored pencils. 

I used the white margins of the paper to try out each color and see how it interacted with the rest of the piece. Ink from brushes and technical pens make up the bird and the sky ceiling. 


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