Black and White

Here’s a new black and white piece. It will be hanging in “the Art Cave” (my studio under the house) during The Clark County Open Studios Tour the first weekend in November. 50 Clark County artists will be opening their studios. Here’s a link to all the information you’ll need. Night Vision.jpg

Studio Door

After sanding the “speakeasy” door to my studio to refinish for hours, I decided to paint it. Here’s the beginning, I hope to see you on the Clark County Open Studios Tour to see how it turned out.  It’s the first weekend in November with a companion show at The Cave gallery starting November 2nd.  Here’s all the information


Art Again!

I’ve been doing art, but not posting art! Since getting accepted for Clark County Open Studios in the fall I’ve decided to start posting again. Here’s a landscape on artist board with  raised texture. You’ll have to come to Open Studios to feel it in person. Also a landscape on paper.  Look closely for details in the texture. No titles yet.