A Pile of Pictures And an Open Studios Video

Today I was hanging  new work in my studio (the Art Cave) and couldn’t resist taking a photo of this pile of pictures.

pile of pictures.jpg

I’m getting ready for Open Studios.  For more information and a tour guide check out https://artsofclarkcounty.org/

Here’s a great video about the Open Studios tour.  Youtube video


Getting Ready for Open Studios!

I’m finishing art, hanging it, framing it, and cleaning up the Art Cave. Here’s this year’s Open Studios information and a new piece that is at the framer. Save the date!  More info to come.



IMG 3.jpg

Art Again!

I’ve been doing art, but not posting art! Since getting accepted for Clark County Open Studios in the fall I’ve decided to start posting again. Here’s a landscape on artist board with  raised texture. You’ll have to come to Open Studios to feel it in person. Also a landscape on paper.  Look closely for details in the texture. No titles yet.



How to Make Rain and Other Textures

Jar Self Leveling Gel

I use this “Self Leveling Gel” to make raindrops. It is also called “Pouring Medium”. Only a Northwest artist would feel compelled to include the texture of rain. Here’s two examples below.  One is finished and the other still in process.

Raindrops            Copy to Crop rain

This gel also makes interesting texture without brush marks when mixed with acrylic paint or ink.  You can see examples in a close up of “Shorescape” below.

Shorescape Texture

Two Events and Why do you do art? Why do you view art?

I have two upcoming art events:

The first is at City Hall in the conference rooms. There will be an opening reception Monday, August 24 from 6 – 8 pm.

Kaleidoscope is at City Hall.



The second is a show of new work at North Bank Artists Gallery. Hope you can drop by on First Friday, September 4 from 5:00 to 9:00.  Mary Alred and I  explore why artists do art.  We’ll have a place to share your ideas on “why you do” or “why you view” art. Guest artist, Maureen Andrade, adds work on an environmental theme.

Here’s my piece, Figures and Flowers, that will be at the September “Why Art?” Show.

Flower Festival copy - Version 2